June 17, 2009

Im actually addicted to this thing right now, just aimlessly scrolling and clicking for the most part of the day, sad I know but when Im home bound I tend to do pointless things
In a day at home I could be practicing sewing and changing my dresses, playing the guitar, reading, learning to cook new foods, doing god damn coursework
but no, i end up just lolling around alternating from telly to computer throughout the day, doing nothing paticularly worth doing
hmm, maybe tomorrow I shall have a day of worthwhileness! And also keeping to good sleeping hours, rather than getting to sleep at the times of 3 and 4am.
Im feeling really chilled at the moment though, I think Katies conversations on messenger are having that affect on me :)
Im really looking forward to the YNot Festival more than anything. My mum said "all youll need is a bowl, cup and tent" Im so excited :) Im going to buy a classic backpack for the event, or just borrow my Dad's mission man backpack. Everythings not brilliant right now so I cant help but pine for the future. Right now I just want to fast forward time to September next year when Ill hopefully be trekking off to London for Uni. Joshua Radins lyrics are ridiculous right now, I can relate to them so much, and his voice is so soothing :)
I have a lot of coursework to do to hand in for Friday, alot, and I dont feel like Ill finish it. But I guess its completely in my hands whether I do or not so I better get cracking!

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