October 30, 2009

Falling in love with an English boy in Venice ♥


I saw these too images while scrolling through LookBook and both of them made you pop into my head, the first makes me think of Katie; daytime, my phonecall katie

The second, your alter ego nightime Katie

And the somewhere in between

cool bobbed girl

I think Id like my hair like this, i dont know if itd suit me because I suit lots of layers on my crown
I have a lot of layers piled on the top of my head and a little pony tail or pigtails that make me look like I have sticky up cat ears

October 20, 2009

Your always somewhere in my thoughts, oh absentee

October 19, 2009

Iv started to notice, how your always a bit pre-occupied with thoughts of yourself , and I am the interviewer

What If I got up and left

for Stockholm on my own, booked a flight and tried to find a place to stay, set up a new life, and got a job as a waitress ♥

Psychology or Sociology?

One of the hardest decisions. I was set on Psychology, had picked all my universities, and wrote the draft for my personal statement. To now be reconsidering so late in the game doing just Psychology. As even though Psychology is what I though I wanted to do, Id never studied it till a few lessons ago. And yes I find it very interesting, but I havent been inclined to even start the coursework yet, which is due in this week. Which is worrying because thats what Im supoosed to be studying in University. And also I really dont like science at all, and alot of it may involve science! But yes I still do want to do Psychology, but maybe as a minor to Sociology. Id brushed sociology aside, until last Friday I had my first Sociology lesson in which everyone else was bored senseless, but I sat there swotting out and answering every question when normally I dont hear a word of any of the lectures. I also remembered that in highschool social education was one of my favourite subjects, the lesson I was always rather cooly overly enthusiastic, telling stories and and most often it was just me, one other student and the teacher talking throughout the lesson and I really enjoyed it. But its just a ball ache because I really cant be bothered, really, and dont have the time
to start the whole long, extensive, and hours upon hours of trying to pick the five suitable universities, and to write out my personal statement. And going into two subjects will be even harder because I have to write about two subjects with the same amount of writing in my personal statement as I would have had for one. And making it easier for myself Im also considering Anthropology.
But all Im doing here is complaining, the only thing I can do is research =|

Later on... Psychosocial studies!

October 16, 2009

October 13, 2009

I havent wroten a post for so long, I dont know why but Iv had an aversion to doing one, slightly rebelling to do one.
Not sure the reason.
But I have still been scrolling around on the blogs I follow.
I think when I eventually start my fashion blog, if ever, Ill be back in the game
but not for now! Im out of my blogging phase, so till when my blogging bug returns! ciao :)

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