July 29, 2009

July 27, 2009

I was in work with Kerry on sunday, I wasnt looking forward to it and was only actually going in to decide if I really didnt want to stay working here any longer. But getting past the initial awkward greetings with my boss, the hug and the plastered smiles I went off into the shop. Each day you work there its with a different person, and I work in the shop serving people. Then one or two people work in the kitchen making the food. And youll spend about 7 hours in a room the size of a lounge with one person, so it really makes the difference if you hit it off with that person! But we talked all day about so many different things, the most random things, and she brings out a side of my personality I really like. And shes so interesting and cool, is fascinated by insects, thinks sloths are beautiful and feels sorry for them, and wants to go on a turtle conservation trip, and Froyd is her hero. I feel like I have a crush on her writing this, this blog is really random, I just plucked this subject from thin air
but anyway she persuaded me to stay for the rest of the summer, until I go for gold and try land that sainsburies job. That'll be the day.
When I come back from the festival and my London trip with college hopefully Ill have stuff worth writing about!:)

July 21, 2009

Recent circumstances just made me very stressed and upset so whilst in the midst of pacing around my room revved up my ridiculously poofy black skirt caught my eye and I had this sudden urge to dress really eccentricly, but it really calmed me down. I think its like how when people get a sudden rush of emotion like that and so they go walk it off, or have a bath or eat chocolate. I used to walk it off actually, I loved walking on my own and really enjoyed my own company! But now I dont really enjoy it at all! Not that I dont like myself, but I just prefer to be around people and doing things all the time. I like to be busy, and have jam-packed days and nights filled with people, I must be a city girl at heart :) I really need a friend for company right now, but Katherine (so the two kates arent confused) from across the road is away, and Maria seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. Dales trying to find Lost for us to watch to cheer me up but is not succeeding, I actually fancy the Ps3, bit'a crazed mafia killing wouldnt go a miss! (dont try read between the lines on that one) I have such an urge right now to go splurge shopping and spend hundreds. So many urges that should be supressed!

July 09, 2009

Far fetched inspiration

I really love Twiggy, Im really fascinated by how she used to do her eye makeup. Im going to try and work out how to do it, Iv tried once already but couldnt do it, but Im determined that Im going to have Twiggy eyes!

I think Geisha makeup is beautiful too, and I love the clothes. I might do it some time for a night out. In Camden I bought a chinese parasol as I couldnt afford the gorgeous kimono style wraps or dressing gowns, but maybe Ill ask my mum for one for my 17th :)

July 06, 2009

I want her hair!

At the moment my hairs really short, and yes thats not news because my hair is pixie length
but I went a little bit power craxy in the hairdressers on saturday..! Its kinda cool, but at the same time its weird, Its a bit star trekkish, like I couldnt be any closer than possible to getting to the razor stage on one side, but I thought if I get it short I wont have to get it done for a good while as my hair literally grows like Harry Potter. But im wanting long hair now which dosent make sense because Iv just had it cut shorter than ever, but I dont really fancy sporting a hairdo like one of the guys from ABBA (the growing stage) in the midst of summer. So Im gonna grow it as soon as its acceptable to live in a knitted hat, and then buy extensions and have it super long to my waist :D And brown! because its too hard to maintain red hair. I did have a fantasy of having really long blue hair, like Marge Simspon, but have not yet took that leap. Baby pink would be cool too..

This week, I have changed quite drastically my idea of what direction I want to go with my life :)
I began trying to decide between
University in London, serious degree and what not
or Travelling, bit less concrete but I think thats how that one goes

But a woman I work with, Fran, was telling me on Wednesday about how she travelled throughout her life and lived in Greece for 16 years, and has had so many jobs, it sounded like shed had a really interesting life, and it really inspired me
so yeh, I think I want to live in different countries, and just see where life takes me, not the other way around, well at least for a bit
I would like to go to university somewhere along the line, but I just think If I go when Im 18, before Iv even experienced anything else, realistically I dont think Ill go travelling after, because Ill be in debt so I wont be able to afford it, and I suspect Ill be all focused on my career

I think I must come across like a really serious person on this! But its just because writing in this is like writing in a diary. Well its not really, because I avoid writing about personal things and what not because this is still the internet! But my diary dosent have really personal things in it either, my diary actually dosent have anything that means much in it because I dont like the idea of writing my most personal thoughts on paper, I think because then your vulnerable, and somehow it feels worth less
But anyway :) Im gona go up to bed because its 2.23am!


Dont you hate it when you are somewhere, or were somewhere, or were in some moment that you really really wish you had a picture of, but you didnt have a camera with you? It bugs me sooo much. At the moment Im really wishing I had my throwaway camera with me in that old antique shop I talked about in my latest blog. I shouldnt really be saying this because I have a pretty expensive digital camera which I havent been using for quite a while now, but I do prefer using throwaway cameras. Theyre my favourite posession, Iv got one photo left on my current one. Theyre just the best things to have, because I dont feel like Im removing myself from the situation when I quickly pull out my cheap throwaway and snap a picture because its a moment I dont want to forget. When you have a digital camera your really aware of it, and your in the mindset of taking pictures of everything so the world can see what youve done and that you were here, but when your taking pictures of everything (especially annoys me when people do it at gigs) your not actually in the moment so much. Throwaway cameras all the way! :D

July 03, 2009

Me and the Mrs went to Liverpool yesterday furniture shopping. She met me at the station carrying her keyboard wrapped in a bin bag. It was I think the hottest day so far, so trekking around the shops was almost unbearable. Now that Iv been to Liverpool quite alot weve began shopping down the outer streets which is alot more fun than walking around the main highstreet for hours. We bought a really good priced indian double bed throw for £17. Then walking along a road we saw old rusty blue antique shop that Id been too once before but didnt have the chance to really explore. This shop makes you think that magic does really exist, its like something youd expect to find on Diagon Alley with its caged windows, damp smell, gloomyness, overpowering smell of incense, jamaican music and so many more things I would describe if I was any good with literature. First we tried on this ladys brown hat from the 1920s but we looked like we were about to go on a pheasant killing spree. Then Kate took a liking to an old cowboy hat, and picked me some incense sticks for my new room. We wandered to the back which is full of hundreds of ancient looking books that date back to the 19th century. We sat for a while, Katie reading poetry and me reading travel books. We are so much like a 50 year old married couple its ridiculous. And Katie couldnt help but reading me out every single bit of verse that caught her imagination, then we thought Hey, its so fucking hot and there are so many books in here why dont we ask the guy if we can just hang out here as it stays open till 6pm. So we went over and bought some stuff and asked him and he was such a cool guy and they pulled out seats for us and said we could stay for as long as we wanted and we didnt have to buy anything. So I went and got us some food from the newsagents and we spent the best of three hours just sitting in their and wondering around goggling at everything in sight.
We got home quite late as we ended up in the midst of a mammoth Topshop Sale which didnt finish till 8.30 at which I went slightly crazed, trying everything I could carry on for size. We got home and Kate played her keyboard and sang me songs all night, my favourite song she did was Sampson :) And then I think the funniest moment of my week happened when we climbed in our double bed, Katie in her old lady flannel nightie and me in my old man shirt and as we both lay down we simultanously opened the first page of our books in the same moment, and without a word we realised what we were. And we just sat and cryed with laughter until it hurt, because we are actually an old married couple.
But Im really excited about the book I bought, its called ESCAPE WITH ME! and I was about to write the blurb out but I think Id be going overboard with boring you brains dry. So thats me! Till next time :)

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